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Oneplay Africa  is the number 1 Fan Page for Celebrities and a discovery book for  their Fans.

Our team at Oneplay Africa Ads specialists help businesses to reach their audience on Oneplay Africa and are on hand to guide you to do the same.

Young people spend 20% more time reading news, watching their favorite TV show and listening to Muic on than any where else

Source: MonsterInsights data analysis

   On Oneplay Africa People discover and share

The Youth when they are on Oneplay Africa, they are receptive and engaging. Oneplay Ads puts your brand’s message in front of the right people, when they are in a discovery mindset and want to hear from you.

 Connect to what’s happening

Whether you’re looking to build top of mind awareness, grow your followers or bring visitors to your business, Oneplay Africa Ads can help you drive the actions that matter to you most. 

Contact our team of Oneplay Africa Ads Specialists for guidance and support on how to connect your brand with your audience on Oneplay Africa.


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