Ghanaian Music Duo, Brada Yawda, Ended 2022 With A Philanthropic Act at A Children’s Ward In Kpando.

Brada Yawda and the Blemakadi Music group renovated and donated some medical items to the children’s ward of the Magaret Marquart Catholic Hospital, Kpando, on Friday, 30th December 2022.

The Music duo Brada Yawda made a generous donation to a hospital in Kpando to wrap up the year 2022. The Godo Godo hitmakers decided to end a good music year with love, supporting people who could not be home to celebrate the season with their families. To spread the love and joy that comes with their work, they visited the children’s ward to help put a smile on their faces.

Brada Yawda, through their songs, has preached love, support for each other, hope and a better tomorrow for the young people in Ghana. This charitable act by these artists is just a springboard to accomplishing their fantastic plans for the new year 2023. 

They projected that “the year 2023 is going to be a very vibrant one for us; we will send hope, happiness and smiles to the world through our music this year. As part of spreading the joy, we decided to put smiles on the faces of children in a hospital at Magaret Marquart Catholic Hospital. Children are the nation’s future, and influential people have to impact them positively and teach them love and positivity. We are glad we did this, and we hope to continue to spread the love.” They said.

The hospital staff were very excited about this kind gesture from Brada Yawda; they expressed gratitude for what the musicians have done for the children and the ward. The team thanked Brada Yawda for ending the children’s 2022 on the right foot. They encouraged others to follow suit and support the hospital with equipment to help provide the best health care for their patients.

Brada Yawda also sent a message of love to their fans worldwide and told them to expect more bangers in the new year. They also urged Ghanaians to intensify their support for them so that they could enjoy all the good songs they have for them.

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