Ghana-Mexico Day Launches Successfully

The world will testify that, one of Ghana’s best characteristics is its hospitality. Ghana has always welcomed relationships with other nations opening its doors to exchange culture and ideas for development. Today, Wednesday 16th November, Ghana- Mexico Day was launched at Accra Tourism information Center to strength the friendship between these two Nations. 

The launch was only the beginning of a bigger event to happen in May 2023 that will bring Ghana and Mexico even closer. The relationship between these two counties aims to strengthen cultural exchange and to help export and import each others culture to help grow the nation. The Mexico Ambassador is aware of this relationship and promises to contribute any way they can to ensure this relationship blossoms.

The main aim of this collaboration is to  promote, music, tourism, arts and culture in both countries. In this regard, the Acting President of the Musician Union of Ghana, Musiga, Bessa Simones, who was the chairperson of the event made all invited guests aware they are willing to do all they can. As an individual and as an entity, Musiga is ready to contribute to the sustenance of Ghana- Mexico Union and how it can benefit the well being of the Musicians.  

Additionally, Award winning Ghanaian Musician, Edem, spoke at the launch on behalf of musicians and how this relationship can foster the growth of the Creative industry within these two nations.

Edem expressed his excitement for this relationship at the event saying that:

 “Anybody out here who has never experienced Mexico and would also want to go to Mexico, you should know that next year May, we will be headed to Mexico to showcase Ghana in a grand style under the auspices of the Ghana Tourism Authority. We wanna say a big thank you to the Tourism Authority”.

Also, the Head of corporate affairs at GTA, Mr Jones Haruna Nelson mentioned that   “Ghana sits with what we call “An eclectic experience” by visiting the arts, the music and entertainment and Ghana has it, and i believe that we have the talents and we need to showcase it out there for the world for it to bee that Ghana is not just the center of the world but also has a lot to offer.”

In anticipation of the big events, the Creative and Tourism industry is excited about any initiative that gives the platform to showcase the Talents and places in Ghana to the rest of the world and has its arms opened for more of such relationships.

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