They Chose Sex Over $100,000; Some Young People Can’t Keep It in Their Pants

To say some young people are horny is an understatement, the main idea of the retreat was to teach these young people who have difficulties connecting and building true connections with anyone to learn otherwise. So instead of just hookups and One night stands, try something different, build a connection, friendship and a possibly long term relationship. 

This plan went to hell when very sexy ladies in bikinis were introduced to these young horny men. Well to be fair, both parties were horny! Pulling up in an almost naked outfit, these young ladies were glad to have the opportunity to put their bikini season bodies on full display. The guys whose rock hard abs looks as though they’ve lived all their lives in the gym could not hide their toned legs and their speed-rums abs, I hope i didn’t forget their tattoos which got the ladies drooling over them.

For some funny reasons these horny millennials thought this retreat was going to be an all you can eat buffet, One of them said its like he died and went to heaven, only this time, instead of angels there were model figure flawless caramel tone ladies. $100000 dollars as the winning price for not having sex with a walking sex machine in an arms reach should have been a good motivation to keep it in their pants. Masturbation, Kisses and any form of amorous activities will take a hug dig into the winning price. If one person broke the rule it was going to affect the money that belonged to the group, so they were determined to be their brothers keep, “if i cant keep it in my pants for myself, lemme just take one for the team” kind of vibe.

Without knowing what a kiss will cost the team, there was a plummeting in the winning prize when two of these campers snuck out to break the rule. I mean rules are meant to be broken ain’t they? The sexual tension between these two cannot be mixed by a satellite in space how much more these two sitting close to each other with their eyes locked and their heart beating for one another, the desire to rip each others outfit and risk it all for lust was so intense, no wonder they did. The kiss was magical, but was it worth it?

Revenge is a dish best serve cold, but is it worth it when innocent bystanders suffer the painful consequences? Horny and Anger is a bad combination, the only way to pay the team back for taking sides was to recruit an equally horny accomplice to help execute the perfect plan. Make out! I mean an expensive kiss that cost the team $3000, yup, each kiss costs $3000. Their decision to act dumb when it was revealed that the team had lost money was hilarious, but clearly “hell has no fury as a woman scorned.”

$94,000 left as the prize money for these thirst trap millennials and the shower moment between this dark chocolate stud and Angelina Jolie like instagram model might empty their coffers because mind you the penalty for sex has not been revealed yet, how much more a steaming dopamine filled shower sex with perfect human beings, I bet it’s gonna cost $50000. 

$16,000 lost when the two love birds were put in a suite that is basically the utmost sex dungeon. They didn’t go all the way to sexland but they clearly left with the most expensive bill and the fact that the others had to pay for someone else’s enjoyment was extremely funny and painful to watch.

I feel like I need to release some sexual tension, and that quick tongue lock cost the group another $3000. 

At the end of the reality series i learnt that people will chose experiences over money. Too hot to Handle is a must watch series on Netflix, but i recommend you watch with a partner, because you both may not lose anything when your tongues lock up from the pent-up sexual tension on your screen. Hahaha

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