Sarkodie Performed “No Fugazy” with his Style, Stonebwoy’s Fabric Took 5 days on Sea, Yaw Tog Going Wild, and Gyakie simply being Elegant on the Global Citizen Stage

Where are we gonna run go if we don’t appreciate the hard work, effort, and creativity our Ghanaian acts put into their work to make them ready for the world market? We would be Greedy men if we don’t spotlight Stonebwoy and his much-talked-about opening act for the just-ended Global Citizen Festival at the Black Star Square. Considering the theme and the purpose of the festival, Stonebwoy’s choice of songs for his performance as the opening act set the right tone for the subsequent performances, but what also sets the tone was his dressing. 


Stonebwoy in the last year has had a dramatic change in his style as an artist, leaning more into a more comfortable vintage loose outfit, he got Ghanaians talking when he pulled a similar look at the Ghana awards show, but that was only the beginning of a fashion journey Stonebwoy was embarking on. In music videos like therapy, Stonebwoy has spruced up in similar long but loose trousers and a simple shirt. 

Not just the vintage look, Stonebwoy is also one of the very few Ghanaian artists who harness the power of a monochromatic look to his creative advantage. Pulling up in an all-white look, that highlights how victorious his journey is as an artist, being the best at the game, his unmistaken uniqueness, and a total symbol of peace as a global citizen, Stonebwoys’ meticulously crafted entry performance was only a victory.


After 5 days of traveling from the US to Ghana to be made, the off-white luxury lace fabric outfit complimented his warm skin tone and his Size 42 matching white Karl Lagerfeld sneakers were to me the utmost sign of Class. 

Accessorizing in a silver shade of glasses, 1GAD necklace, rings, and bracelet only didn’t make him shine like the Black star he, but also lit up the Black  Star Square where the event happened. Some stars shine brighter indeed. I meant that the Gidigba hitmaker was aiming for nothing but the sky, a true 1GAD. 


Henry of Harrycotten, the personal stylist of Stonebwoy for the night stated that “The concept behind the outfit is to make him stand out from the others” which I think was perfectly achieved.

The  Young Bull of Ghana music, Yaw Tog, didn’t only come and make Mama proud, he came to prove that he deserves all the applause as the leader of the Gen Z entertainment culture. Styled by Drip drip Ghana Styling, Yaw Tog pulled up on stage with a casual look, rocking Rick Owens boots togging on stage with his Darkshadow, Zip fastening high-top sneakers. His perfectly fitted Editorial Department navy green Shorts accompany a GAP plain white T-shirt and the red bandana that symbolizes his journey as a musician, from his first Sore hit to Global Citizen Festival Stage.

Yaw Tog

Champagne the Stylist of Drip drip Ghana Styling and the personal stylist of Yaw Tog who was aiming for a simple but wild look for the Young Bull commented that: 

“The red bandana signifies the level of energy and how wild he is on stage, the white shirt also signifies victory and a way to make him pop out on stage. The army green color that usually is attached to soldiers, together with the red bandana only gave him that soldierlike morale He was a Soldier that night.” 

Champagne the Stylist

Also, the Songbird of the Ghanaian music industry as well as the only lady representing the Female Industry on the night gave a powerful performance. Gyakie didn’t only prove that she had earned her space on that platform, but she seized the opportunity to express her versatility and musical ingenuity. But aside from her talent, Gyakie’s outfit was also a star on the night.


Emmanuella Amankwah of Ellanore who is responsible for that glow on stage revealed the plan behind the look for the Songbird. According to her:

“My vision was to create a masterpiece that will be memorable during and after her performance. Something comfortable, because you know Gyakie, she likes to dance.”

Emmanuella Amankwah

This vision materialized elegantly for the classy personality Gyakie is. The Burgundy trousers and the orange colors suited her flawless skin tone, and the Crepe Fabric with a bit of Lycra gave her the right amount of comfort she needed to turn up on stage. 48hours working on that piece was worth it!

Finally, if the world music world forgets the name Sarkodie, his story will be told in the Fashion world. His Iconic performance was not the only thing that stood tall on the night, Sarkodie’s Style even though usual had a bit of twist to it that night. Sarkodie epitomizes his song No Fugazy, spruced up in high-earned brands put together so well, he didn’t have to sing his fashion anthem “No Fugazy” his looks did that for him.


Giving a Black Monochromatic Alpha Male energy on stage, Sarkodie showed up in a Black T-shirt and Cargo Pants and his favorite sneaker brand, Jordans 3. The mysterious dark look that positioned the figure on stage as the sole authority on the night was lit up with white and black dotted Supreme Scarf tied to their head and a Supreme black biker’s gloves didn’t only give him a better grip on the mic, but a better grip on the show. 

Considering the growth of his style, it’s easy to assume that, a renowned stylist will be behind his switch, but speaking to his manager, Angelo, he revealed that  “Sarkodie styled himself for the performance.” This only confirms that Sarkodie doesn’t just model in these brands for videos and photos, he now lives the lifestyle.


Celebrity Stylist, Guy Guy Tinz, shared his opinion on how far the style of our beloved Ghanaian artists has come and commended them for the job done by each individual stylist of these artists. 

Guy Guy Tinz

“Stonebwoys look was phenomenal to me because it was proportional, Sarkodie’s Scarf to me elevated the look from 60 to 100, Gyakie’s outfit looked good on her and was beautiful and Yaw tog looked simple but nice.”, he added.

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