UVIX celebrates Berla Mundi, Danai Gurira, Joselyn Dumas, and Sabrina Elba

The success of a show can not be celebrated without acknowledging the role of MCs who ensure the smooth flow of the event. The ability to pique the interest and maintain it for about four hours is an applaudable art.

Wakanda Star, Danai Gurira, Ghanaian Tv personality, Berla Mundi, Actress, Joselyn Dumas, and model, Sabrina Elba took turns to captivate the audience both at home and at the Black Star Square with their insightful engagements both onstage and Backstage. Uvix appreciates what it takes not to be shy, but confident to speak and control multitudes. 

UVIX celebrates these astute female Presenters for their ability to stand tall, look good, control their breathing, and not succumb to fear. We appreciate their massive input at the just-ended GLOBAL CITIZENS FESTIVAL which was held on Saturday 24th of September, 2022,  at Independence Square in ACCRA. Their presence on stage encouraged other ladies at the event and around the world to take action and to take charge as global citizens who know their rights, and power and are willing to ask for accountability or take an action that brings change for the everyday girl.

Uvix is encouraging young girls around the world who want to be like these spectacular women; DON’T BE SHY, BE CONFIDENT.  

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