CULTURE to QATAR, the journey to the World Cup

The youth culture driven platform, Oneplay Africa, has officially launched its Journey to the World Cup series dubbed CULTURE TO QATAR. 

The series will be a documentation and build up of the lifestyle to the World Cup, from the fashion culture of the footballers off and on the pitch, to the fans, updates on the teams, players, countries and preparation ahead of the big games in Qatar. 

Culture to Qatar is bringing to life all the unique culture of football lovers in various countries ahead of the World Cup in Qatar.

Updating the series every week on TV and socials, Culture to Qatar Series will be live every Saturday 8 pm on Lifestyle TV, YouTube and all social media platforms at Oneplay Africa, creating the most exciting experiences for young people ahead of the World Cup.

Oneplay Picks is excited about the World Cup and intends to give young people the best experience ahead of their favorite games.

Enjoy the official launch of Culture to Qatar

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