Is our movie industry in trouble? This might be a good sign though!

Akwaaba magic is dubbing South African series into twi like kumkum bhagya. Clearly, There is a huge market for it. How are our filmmakers using this to their advantage?

In my opinion, TV operators have seen the huge demand for the twi speaking shows. Ghanaian shows shot in English by our topnotch producers targeting the international market can also dub these classy movies into Twi for channels who show these Twi telenovela.

Also, Kumawood actors need support because clearly there is a seeming acceptance for the twi speaking shows and with good stories, cinematography, or pictures shot in twi, their shows can get acceptance by the locals in Ghana.

Finally, it’s clear that Ghanaians have grown past the “white person speaking Twi” illusion. These are blacks with their voice been dubbed. So if our filmmakers can do seize the moment.

Maybe instead of fighting it, we just need to embrace it and make the best out of it, who knows, it could overtake the telenovelas.

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