Lyrical Joe encourages “Self” priority in a new rap video — WATCH

Lyrical Joe, the prolific Ghanaian Rapper, has been on top of his game defending his turf with back-to-back releases. He drops “Self”, the latest cut to spark conversations with himself and his fanbase ahead of the 6th edition of his annual “August 5th” jam release.  

“Self”, a new single in the form of a freestyle got released by him under 2MG Music Label on Friday, July 15th.  

The song is a power-packed and unapologetically frank creative piece with well-laid bars by Lyrical Joe to highlight the need for (himself) and anyone to prioritize “Self”, especially in these times of trends and seemingly ‘fake’ lifestyles across social media and in real life.  

In his own words, “this song is all about one’s self and throwing the spotlight on my life as an artist I realized it all comes down to myself — basically everything related to the craft. You can get all the push in the world but you can fail yourself by not utilizing it to full potential”. 

“And on the other hand too, we seem to care and live for others so much that we don’t even realize when we are not taking care of ourselves. So this song is more like therapy to the SELF”, Lyrical Joe added. 

Stream the video below on YouTube:

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