Is Ghamro Ready For a Collaboration with SACEM to Advance Royalty Collection for our Ghanaian Musicians?

The conversation of music Royalty for most Ghanaian musicians and music stakeholders has become one that most Ghanaians have concluded as insurmountable. To most right owners, the lack of innovation and transparency by Ghamro has been a contributing factor to the plight of most Ghanaian artists.

However, there seems to be a light popping at the end of the tunnel, as the French Embassy led by HE Anne Sophie Ave, together with the VGMA has decided to introduce SACEM and GHAMRO to help find a permanent solution and the way forward. 

Hosting Stakeholders at the Residence of France, Her Excellency made it clear that the meeting was not the trial of GHAMRO but a profitable collaboration. Inviting the International Director of SACEM, France, Caroline, Champarnaud, and the Vice President of Alter K, Simon Vuillard-Pernier as guest speakers to share their knowledge and realistic immediate steps to achieving this goal.

For most of the stakeholders invited to the event, it was a pleasure to see the intentional effort by the French Embassy and VGMA to fix one of the major issues that ail the Ghanaian Music industry, however with regards to the outcome of previous meetings, some reactions of the stakeholders of the event, the question is, will this be one of the many meetings to be held on royalty conversations or would Ghamro truly allow this collaboration to manifest beautiful fruits for the industry or it will be an exercise in futility?

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