Building for Generations; Edem Reveals His Plans For The Journey Ahead

Ma Cherie, hitmaker, Edem, has made an interesting post about his insight into the new dynamics of the Ghanaian music agenda. With this knowledge, Edem intends to take the industry with full force. 

He tweeted that “Now that we know what we are up against..The real journey start…We go tayaaaa u…Agenda boys go stress pass

Also, in spite of his busy schedule with Ma Cherie media tour, Edem made a quick stop at Dzata Cement Company LTD. Edem has been one that advocates for everything Ghanaian and has a fondness for supporting and growing new businesses. 

Summarizing his day at Dzata Cement with a video, Edem made a caption on social media that “Building for Generations. Get ready Ghana  Dzata Cement!!! @dzatacements  #FullyActiveTycoo #Fullyctive #Gogetem.”

Edem, is one of the few Ghanaian artists who constantly makes an effort to ensure that his songs transcends generations. Clearly, this is a principle that does not only live with his music but his dealings as a person. 

Hopefully, with his plan to build generations, and stress Agenda boys, Edem is about to give Ghanaians a good run.

Stream Edem’s latest project Ma Cherie with Santrinos Raphael :

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