JUIC3BOY Gives The Keys To His Heart Freely To All His Listeners

The beauty in Arts is the freedom to create, and the importance of art, or creative pieces is to be appreciated. For most art consumers, appreciation of a body of work even gets better when it’s  two or more body of work, giving the consumer alternatives and a holistic feel of an experience that otherwise could not be captured in a single body of work. For painters, it’s a whole gallery of their works for exhibition, but for creatives like Musicians, it is albums or EPs. 

Juic3Boy serves his listeners with an eclectic body of work not only for the purpose of appreciation, but a direct “Keys To My Heart” as he puts it. The 6 track EP is one that projects the new AFRO sound in diverse tones, tempos and in Rhythms that can only take a creative genius to put together.

It flows like cha cha cha, not just the immense feeling that flows when he sees his love, but the sweet Beatz by DB and the impeccable flow of Juic3Boy on Maganda which begins his love story. Maganda has quickly become fan’s favorite because of  the beautiful melodies that mellifluent voice that sets the tone for the project. Maganda describes how pretty and sweet a lady is, a picture perfect which is a perfect description of the Maganda masterpiece.

Juic3Boy reveals to his listeners that he is an Alpha male; positions himself as a STRONG man who is willing to fight, defend, and to lift the honor of his lover. Aside from being there physically to protect her, Juic3Boy also offers emotional protection pledging to love, stick by, and be there for his lover. Produced by Skirmisherbeats, Strong is that creative piece that on first listening gives you a feel of an old song, a rare characteristics of brilliant musicians. 

To pray for forgiveness for wronging a loved one is an all too familiar tale that everyone can relate to. POISON that is hard to swallow because it was self made, chasing a memory that blinds one from seeing who truly matters. Poison was produced by Noiir and Arnel Ethier.

Still on the subject of making amends with a loved one for mistakes made, Juic3Boy  on Certibeats rhythm vows to RIGHT THE WRONGS as an utmost compensation. The uncertainty in his voice and the lyrics of the 4 minutes track, encapsulates the inner battle or quandary one deals with when they finally accept to right the wrongs they have made.

UNLOCKED, also produced by Certibeats is just a very beautiful way of Juic3Boy confessing his undying love and announcing the one who truly has the Key To His Heart. Maybe not his fans but with these flawless masterpieces, he definitely got the keys to the hearts of his listeners.

Finally, Juic3Boy gives all his listeners ONE REASON to come back for more with a final piece that gives a perfect closure for the love story explicitly journeyed through with the Six tracked EP. 

Creatively, Juic3Boy’s decision to end the EP with a song produced by Beatz by DB who’s Maganda tune was an opener for the project only captures the unending cycle of love and relationships that has been existential. 

The Cover Art accompanying this project only tells more about the artist. A young talent who does not only have music at heart, but is big on the culture and fashion that comes with the genre of music he does for both his Ghanaian and Canadian fans.

Accentuating on the artist, Joseph Owusu, also Juic3Boy with roots in Ghana, was born in Montreal, Quebec and raised in Ottawa, Ontario and later moved to Edmonton, Alberta. On December 1st 2016, Juic3boy introduced himself officially with his first single called Underrated after singing as a church boy for years. With the help of family and good friends, Juic3Boy has cemented his name in the music world with his Afrofusion style, capable of switching flows and melodies seamlessly.

Juic3Boy commented that: 

I’m really trying to tap into Afrofusion/ Alte genre, with a mix of tempo slow and fast on my tracks. This one is more of a love body of work but I have the ability to create music with a wider range of subjects.

Stream Keys To My Heart on all streaming platforms by clicking on the link: https://song.link/KeysToMyHeart

Also Connect with Juic3Boy on all social media platforms @iamjuic3boy on Instagram and @Juic3Boy

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