5 Songs That Take Off the Tension That Comes With A New Week

Everybody hates the beginning of the week, it’s normal! It’s the start of the week and when we all pretend to be serious and also care about the things we neglected on the weekend. For those in corporate offices, weekdays are very pressuring because the Bosses are around and things have to be prim and proper which is where I come in. Let’s help tone down the pressure that comes with a new week with these cool songs. Simply put on your AirPods or earpiece and enjoy this playlist at a lower volume so you can still hear what is going on in the office.

Dzo by Kojo Cue and Worlasi is definitely a good way to start, the song is a midtempo song that will surely get you nodding calmly. The beautiful saxophone that starts the song does the magic. The powerful voice Worlasi invades the smooth sound with will banish all the tensed nerves from your body. Kojo Cue also slides in seamlessly with his simple rap style, Simple is good and Dzo will help kick start your week.

Enam Music, the Afro Spiritualist as she calls herself, has a new one out called No More and is definitely going to knock stressful energies around you. The song is simply beautiful, a very simple message conveyed by her powerful voice and strong low-tempo instrumentation that gives room for you to appreciate the quality of voice and lyrics without missing the important message she is conveying.

No one makes the ewe language sound as interesting, powerful, and worth learning to me as Camidoh. Clearly, the young singer is aware of how powerful he is with the ewe language and does not hesitate to draw you in with heavy ewe words that somehow manage to sound good in the ears. Hot pursuit is no exception.

Comot by Worlasi will surely make it onto this list. The song is one that is also he, easy instrumentation, and a relatable message that surely calms the nerve.

Tomorrow no dey promise to nobody, so why not sail through the week calmly with little or no stress as you soak in the masterful piece by Manifest ft Burnaboy.

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