Ghanaian Comedian OB Amponsah Featured On CNN’s African Voices Change Makers

Ghanaian-born Optometrist and Comedian Amponsah ObarimaAkuoko, popularly known as OB Amponsah, was featured onCNN’s African Voices Changemakers, where he walked us through his journey as a standup comedian. 

Speaking on the perception of political and religious jokes, he said, “In Ghana, you don’t play with some stuff. They say do not joke with some stuff like politics. You know, those things that people take very seriously. But that’s just me. I feel like comedy is comedy and jokes are jokes. I don’t find violence funny. I don’t find certain things that seek to degrade other people funny. But when it comes to politics, religion, and those other things that we are all engaged in, I feel like if we are involved in it as people, then comedians are allowed to talk about it as well.

The CNN African Voices Changemakers is an initiative that highlights the continent’s most dazzling, trailblazers, who impact the lives of others while influencing areas such as music, film, sports, and technology.

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Story By Samuel Addo-Kofi

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