5 Ghanaian Dance Routines That Became Popular Across The Globe

African dance has been very integral to Traditional African culture since the ‘50s. Dance enunciates emotions, communicates a message, and helps in unifying people. Below are 5 dance routines that became popular across the globe. 

Azonto Dance

Azonto, which was formerly known as ‘Apaa’ in the Ga community was a dance that became very popular in early ‘2013. The dance involves the movement of the hands and legs to a rhythm while imitating a certain practice in the lives of people in a community. Notable music stars who contributed to the popularity of the dance were R2Bees, EL, Sarkodie, Guru, Fuse Odj, Itz Tiffany, Nshona Music, Gasmilla, Bisa Kdeiamong others. 

Pilolo Dance

The Pilolo dance was created by a Ghanaian dance artist and choreographer known as Amofa Michael(Incredible Zigi). The name Pilolo was derived from a traditional game called Pilolothat’s being played by children in various communities in Ghana. The dance involves twisting your body to the right and then to the left while raising one of your legs. 

Kupe Dance

The Kupe dance was also created by Incredible Zigi. He created the dance to compliment A Star’s Kupe song, which went viral due to its beat and rhythm. The dance involves the systematic movement of the legs, hands, and body. 

Shoo Dance

The Shoo dance was created by Laud Anoo Konadu, popularly known as Dancegod Lloyd. The dance went viral on social media due to Kwamz and Flava’s Shoo song. The dance has since become one of the dance routines that’s being taught at various dance academies in the world.

Akwaaba Dance

The Akwaaba dance became popular due to the influence of Guilty Beatz’s Akwaaba song. The dance routine became popular not only in Africa but also spread across Asia, Australia, North America, and South America. 

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By Story By Samuel Addo- Kofi

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