Life Is Too Short NOT To Enjoy Omotuo With Daddy Lumba Classics

Three things are most likely to happen in the life of a Ghanaian every Sunday.

Going to church in the morning to worship the creator and topping it up with either Omotuo that is riceballs and peanut butter soup or fufu with any soup of choice.

Arguably, special Omotuo would top the chart when people are asked which one of these two delicacies they would opt for.

Lots of Ghanaians have made it a MUST to frequent some of these special omotuo joints each other Sunday.

This goes beyond just having a meal, they get to meet, enjoy each other’s company, talk about the coming week and listen to hearty songs from whoever is playing.

For your special Sunday Omotuo, you are giving you these Daddy Lumba songs to enjoy your meals with.

So while you wipe the sweat off your forehead, nod, tap, stand, and sing along!

Life is just too short not to enjoy Omotuo with Daddy Lumba songs…

1. Ebi se 3y3 3duro

2. Adepa hy3 adepa mu

3. Akoma da Akoma su

4. Aplus5. Dangerous

6. Odo beba na m3wu

7. Give and take

Written by April

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