Let’s Worship With Yaw Sarpong& Asomafo Classics

Today is a day that is typically characterized by lots of households listening to gospel music.

This is mainly because, Sunday is observed as the Sabbath day for these people and it has to be kept holy, even if it means early in the morning and delving into other things later in the day.

And how do we achieve this? — It is simple!

Listening to gospel songs, uplifting ones for that matter has worked for as long as we all can remember.

We have a list for you; let’s worship with these uplifting songs from Yaw Sarpong and the Asomafo band. They are a group of people doing indigenous Ghanaian music.

Yaw Sarpong is the lead composer of the group and the Asomafo which translates into English as messengers are the members of the group.

The group have been in existence for over 4 decades, serving fans with pleasing gospel tunes.

He has 25 albums and over 100 songs to his name.

Today, you get to enjoy our top 11.

1. Oko Yi


2. Wo haw ne s3n


3. Tenabea foforo


4. Adom wo wim


5. Y3n nka ky3r3 Ya agya


6. Wa Ay3 Wie


7. Sumenaso


8. Hwan Na Adwendwen Da Nu Su


9. 3nsu Ne Y3


10. Nyame Aba Fo


11. Dua Esu Asubonten

Written by April

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