The Best 7 Ga Tunes From Adane Best, Enjoy!

We rarely hear songs in any of the Ghanaian native parlances. Predominantly, many of the songs are a mixture of Twi, Pidgin with hints of pidgin.

When it comes to other local languages, they are barely heard in songs except for the Edem’s and the Gasmilla’s and a few singers who have attempted to make sure their native tongue stands out in their songs.

One person who has propelled Ga songs for as long as we can remember is Adani Best. Best is a veteran musician currently not doing active music but when we hear his name, we are certain that we would be grasped with Ga feel.

What makes his story peculiar from all others is a single fact that he is not even Ga.

He was born to Akan parents but was bred and lived the entirety of his life at Palladium, a suburb in Accra with his uncle where Ga was spoken as his first language.

To be unique amongst others, he decided to opt for music in Ga and he has since stood out.

Adani Best has 7 studio albums to his name, with that said, there isn’t a need to mention the number of songs he has to his credit.

Popular amongst his songs are Maafio, Mamamia, Sojago, soja comes plus more.

Speaking in a past interview, he said he can use any rythm at all to produce music.

“My kind of music moves in various directions, especially highlife. I can use any rhythm at all to string through and this makes it stand different,” he stated.

Today, we leave you with these 7 tunes from the AdaniBest.

1. Sisi

2. S3 wubr3 na wunya

3. Maafio

4. Ayittey

5. Mama mia

6. Adesa

7. Dromo

Written by April

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