Let’s Throwback To The Days Of Inspector Bediako, Taxi Driver And Captain Planet- VIDEO

Today is Thursday and we are throwing back to some of the exciting Tv dramas we enjoyed as children.

The emergence of the internet and social media platforms and of course myriads of streaming platforms has led many of us to take a step back from mainstream TV.

Back in the days, we wasted no time with our phones— I mean, how many of us even had the luxuries of phones with available internet?

The most thing that served as entertainment was watching Television, be it news, adverts, songs, or anything that is deemed watch worthy.

We loved the togetherness it brought, how we smiled and how it kept us on the edges of our seats.

In as much as we loved watching everything and anything on the big screens, we were particular about some of them.

From Captain Planet to Things We Do for Love through to Home Sweet Home. The list is endless

Here is a video to jot your memory.

Written by April

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