Interest Piqued! Find A Balance Now; Await the Shugalord EP!

Award winning Ghanaian Afrobeats artist, Shugalord, seem to be gradually gathering attention and building momentum for what’s to come from the Fantasy hitmaker.

After officially announcing the new Shugalord look with stunning photos and a change of hair, the Kri8 Music signee, has since dropped pictures with captions announcing his new track for the year 2021, Balance, while hinting at an incoming EP!

Considering the rise of the Afrobeats genre in the world in recent times, Shugalord’s incoming project is a big deal because of the vast readily available audience for the genre. This will afford the musician the opportunity to express himself creatively as an Afrobeats artists using each song to officially introduce the name Shugalord to the World as #AfricasShuga!

As we wait for the new project, how about a scroll through the …lord’s catalogue:

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