5 Songs To Replay While You Enjoy Your Terrific Tuesday Pizza With A Glass Of Chilled Coke


You have survived the hardest and hated day of the week which happens to be Monday.

Have you already settled in, hoping for what the week has for you are you or you are still battling it out, finding your mojo?

Well, here is the news for you— it is Terrific Tuesday and we all know what comes with that catchphrase.

For as long as we have known, many Pizzerias have customized giving out a free box of pizza but only after you have made a purchase and Ghanaians have bought into the idea and frequent their favourite joints whenever the day arrives.

Because it was a touch of free to it, you are most likely to meet the place crowded with other customers waiting their turn.

It can get boring, loud and you could lose your appetite even before you hear your order number and run to the counter for your meal.

I guess these pizzerias know that and have come up with means to entertain the ordinary customer before they sit to enjoy this treat.

Here is a list of some likely songs you are likely to hear at a pizza joint.

• KiDi – enjoyment


• Keche ft Kuami Eugene- No dulling


• Okese 1- Na today


• Medikal- Accra


• Sista Efya- Weather

Written by April.

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