I proudly wore Christie Brown CL outfit and got lots of compliments; French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Ave, reveals to Oneplay Africa

French Ambassador, Anne Sophie Ave, reveals to Oneplay Africa her Fashion style during H.E Akufo Addo’s visit to France in July 2019.

She made this revelation as a reply to Oneplay Africa responding to an initial article on how she beautifully ‘ bodied’ African print wear as she spoke about her love for Ghanaian discoveries; especially the impeccable designers. She responded with a beautiful picture.

She then took the opportunity to spotlight the brilliant designer, Christie Brown CL, for the nice African print blazer with beautiful color and patterns that compliments her glowing skin while she models with pride beside the Ghanaian Ambassador the France H.E Anna Bossman.

To a hospitable nation like Ghana, such a demonstration of admiration for the little things only opens her up to be loved and adored by Ghanaians. H.E Anne Sophie Ave is one of the Ambassadors who does not hesitate to express her admiration for Ghana and made-in Ghana products and seems to have Ghana at heart. Her Show “A Touch Of France” only reaffirms how much she has been able to blend her diplomatic work and cultural capital to appeal to the younger Ghanaian generation.

Hopefully, one day, she gets hosted on the Female Show to help celebrate more of these hardworking designers who have continually produced beautiful garments for H.E Anne Sophie Ave.

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