Osibisa – The Pioneer For Calypso Rhythm Promoting Ghanaian Culture Through Music to The World

The Osibisa band was considered a pioneer of the Calypso rhythm. They also played a pivotal role in the rise of African music in Europe

Teddy Osei, the brain behind the Osibisa band, relocated to London to study music. In 1969, he convinced Tontoh and Amarfio to join his new band Osibisa. They released their first song ‘Music for Gong Gong, which was accepted in London and spread across the Carribeans and was later joined by Robert Bailey, Wendell Richardson, Lasisi Amao.

Stevie Wonder was so impressed about the Osibisa Band and helped them with a record deal

In 1981, they released the ‘Unleased Live in India album during a tour in India. They later regrouped again and released hits after hits and touring Africa and Latin America. Let’s now look at the songs that made the band popular.

Osibisa Band – Welcome Home

This song was written by Amarfio, Teddy Osei, and Tontoh and was released in 1975 by Island Records.

Osibisa Band – Woyaya

This song was released in the late ‘70s and produced by Tony Visconti. It’s relaxing hang drum music for the soul.

Osibisa Band  Sunshine Day

Everybody do what you are doing, a smile will bring a sunshine day. Celebration, we are together, come join your hands in harmony. This song is food for the soul.

Osibisa Band  Dance The Body Music

This song was released in 2016 and will make you move your feet. Its groovy sound is perfect for any occasion. 

Osibisa Band  Fire

This song was the eighth track from the Happy Children album.It was praised by the Carribeans due to its storytelling nature. 

Story By Samuel Addo-Kofi

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