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The chilling is all over and it is time to continue the grinding. All too soon the weekend is done and MONDAY, the most hateful day of the week is here to remind us that we need to keep pushing.

Monday is the one day in the week that each one of us would do whatever it takes to get rid of.

Sometimes, we even go as far as allowing ourselves to wish for it to be added to the weekend. 

Come to think of it, it would not make any difference; the hate would just be subjected to Tuesday.

You cannot blame us, the day is characterized by heavy traffic, busy schedules, lateness, a crisis with the only rainbow being the varied display from people.

This is the day where people flaunt their closets to work or whichever setting they go, new hairstyles come on full display, ‘the boys boys’ wear their latest sneakers, ladies adorn their faces with impeccable makeups, children of school-going ages show off their new bags and pencil cases, et al.

So you can potentially hate Mondays but you cannot dismiss how symbolic the day is in collective lives.

We just have not come around to admit it. Monday signifies a fresh start. Monday is a brand new day, a new week to get things done, a new week and new dawn assert yourself and see the direction you have to go in subsequent days.

It is believed that, once your Monday becomes messy, the rest of the days follow in a suit which means that you are likely to have a terrible week.

Agreeable, it is not easy getting through the day, most of us are half asleep on Mondays and the only thing that gets us through is MUSIC.

Today, we take a look at some of the great tunes you can listen to on Mondays, these songs serve as reminders that your grinding and hustling are seen and you would be just fine.

Have a listen below;• First Sermon- Black Sherif

• Second Sermon- Black Sherif

• Way too big- Burna Boy

• Sika aba fie- Kweku Darlington

• Slow down- King Promise

• Yesterday- R2bees

• Praise- Fameye

Written by April Pheiffer

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