The New Fameye – Rebranding To Align His Identity

Anything that defines you distinctly is mostly referred to as branding. Musicians like any other product on the market go through the same process to stay relevant and keep customers. 

The story is not new with Ghanaian musician Fameye who has for some time been rebranding himself to align his identity. During an interview, the musician stated his reason. 

“It’s a process I am going through to improve my brand. I was motivated by what I am doing and wanted to change for it”. 

Branding enables artists to connect to their target audience. It also helps you stand out among other musicians and helps people identify and experience your unique brand. Let’s look at some of the things Fameye has done to rebrand himself.


Aligning your style with your brand can make a huge difference

Fameye unveiled a new hairstyle, forgoing his usual dreadlocks. A low-cut hair signifies confidence, power, and professionalism. 


Logo reveals your vision to your target audience

Fameye recently unveiled a logo with an inscription Fameye Worldwide on it. The color black signifies power, elegance while the globe signifies global dominance with his music.


Fashion reveals your inner self to your target audience

The musician mostly wears Afrocentric clothes in recent times. His style of fashion projects African history and culture to the outside world.

Story By Samuel Addo-Kofi

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