The Best of Both Worlds- Cina Soul and KiDi On A New Song

Kla Manye which translates as Soul Queen or Spirit of the Manye is singer Cina Soul’s alter ego but an immediate glance at her would not reveal any of that.

The single peculiar feature that sets the singer aside from the others is her melanin popping and dripping skin and of course, her Afrocentric sense of fashion.

Undoubtedly, her looks are endearing but have you heard her sing? We can confidently say she has gotten better with each release. From Ojorley to Tatale through to Killi mi— each one came with its own unique spice.

And there is KiDi, the Golden Boy who is living his tale perfectly and writing his own story. KiDi has gained the grounds, has cloaked success, and has done tremendously well for himself.

If anyone had doubts, his recent album did the job of wiping all of it off. He has proved himself worthy and mastered his craft.

Cina is teaming with the Golden Boy, KiDi to create magic with their diverse but complementary voices.

The Ojorley crooner shared a dazzling picture of herself and KiDi teasing us with what to expect soon.

This would not be the first time we have seen them together on a song so we are actually in good spirit, expectedly, whatever tune they are brewing would be electrifying as it would be the best of both worlds.

We do not know about you but we are definitely looking forward to this…

Written by April

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