I Don’t Really Take My Endorsement From Humans. Sarkodie Opines To Tilly On The Bold Convo.

Ghana’s finest rapper, Sarkodie, in an interview with Till Akua Nipa of One play Africa, revealed he does not take his endorsement from humans. When asked if he feels he has received that honor he deserves for putting Ghana on the map, he vehemently explained that Ghanaians have been very supportive but he is someone who doesn’t love to quit. He further exclaimed that even if nobody blows his trumpet, he will do that regardless.

The Ghanaian rap king who is currently promoting his No Pressure album in Kenya opined, “The question you asked is 50/50, yes Ghanaians have been supportive but if no one blows my trumpet, I will do so. I’m a type of person who doesn’t wait for that. I do what I have to regardless and I don’t take my endorsement from humans”.

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