Fantana Chilling Right Now; No Reggae Can Spoil Her Blues

Fantana on social media seems to be having the best time of her life with stunning images with her beautiful skin on full display.

In recent pictures from the “So What” hitmaker, Fantana, seems to be in a place of joy and peace, which reflects in her glowing skin in her bikini shots.

Fantana’s captions on her recent posts seem as though the beautiful Musician may be in a romantic relationship but one without commitment and is basically “catching cruise”.

The caption “imma break your bank before you break my heart” could mean that Fantana maybe having one of the modern relationships where men take care of the women in exchange for love. But to Fantana before she gives her heart out she would want to be sure the man can take care of her financially.

In her last post which has the caption “be his peace, I’m already the problem ” Fantana could be in a relationship with a man who has other women but like modern relationships, Fantana is fully aware of that, knows her place, and is playing her part accordingly.

Click on the link to enjoy the latest release from Fantana, No Dulling.

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