I Am Not A CHRISTIAN- Barima Sydney Tells His Fans

When it comes down to religion and the beliefs, it varies from persons to persons and people have the freedom to believe in whatever they choose to.

Singer Barima Sidney has stated without mincing words that he does not believe in God.

He says he is a true believer and not just a church goer because every other person can decide to be a Christian.

“I’m a believer not Christian, I’m a true believer of Christ, everyone can be a Christian cos everyone goes to church, abeliever is the one with the Holy Spirit. I don’t mention God I mention Christ Jesus … me I don’t use God the G.O.D no no I use Christ Jesus, he is my lord and personal savior that’s it “

His reason is that, there would not be three seats in the throne in heaven why is there a need to mention God in his prayers.

Written by Pyper

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