Sarkodie Talks About His Battle With Fame And His Normal Self “Michael”.

Multiple award winning star Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known as Sarkodie in an interview with Tilly Akua Nipa of Oneplay Africa talked about the battle he faces concerning fame. The rap king in the interview stated that he loves to play the Michael role which makes him feel normal and is able to mingle with people but the famous Sarkodie doesn’t allow him do that. He claimed that just being the regular Michael all the time can also bring problems. Sarkodie whose “No pressure” album is topping charts all over the world also talked about how he feels sitting in open conversations and not contribute.

In the interview, he opined, “Once in a while I find Michael peeping into it but 24/7, you can’t because been your regular self can sometimes bring you problems. Sometimes I find myself in an open conversation in the studio and I wish I contribute but I’m scared someone might record and others might take it differently. People are talking and as soon as you talk, someone might take it personally. In as much as I want to stay regular I can’t and there is nothing I can do about it”.

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