I Wish I Could Be Michael Without Fame; Sarkodie Reveals Some Downside to Fame

In the first episode of the 4packed series of the Bold Convo on Oneplay Africa, Ghanaian iconic Rapper reveals some of the downsides of “being Sarkodie.”

Speaking about how he copes with fame, Sarkodie expressed that he has had to build a certain personality that fits the Sarkodie people perceive him to be away from his real self, Michael Owusu Addo.

“I am far from what fame comes along with because I am a very regular person. Personally, I am trying to control it. I wish I could be Michael without the fame and still be able to do the music and get the impact” he emphasized. 

 When asked by the host, Tilly Akua Nipaa, about his constant battles from switching between his alter ego and his true self, Sarkodie responded that:

“Once in a while, I let loose of me been Michael. I don’t try to be Sarkodie 24/7 and I think I have been in this way for a while that has become the new reality for me. Once in a while, you catch the “Michael” creeping into it. Just been regular can also bring you problems. Sometimes I sit in conversations that I wished I could contribute, but you are scared and someone might record what you are saying” he stressed. 

However, he did not hesitate in appreciating some of the goodies that comes with being a celebrity.

The Second Episode of the Bold Convo with Sark airs on Sunday at 8 pm. Kindly Click On The Link Below To Watch The 1St Episode:

Story By Samuel Addo- Kofi

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