Does Cheating On Your Partner Always Mean You Don’t Love Them?

Now let us talk about cheating and justifying it.

Cheating is not a mistake has many have made it look over the years yet we have had many people justifying the act.

People cheat for varied reasons, most importantly, people cheat because they can and not for any particular reason.

According to veteran sound engineer Fredyma, cheating on someone does not mean you are not in love with your partner.

He says cheating is almost like leaving your car home and picking a taxi, it does not mean you do not like or love your car.

Cheating on your wife doesn’t mean you don’t love her; 
it’s like hiring a taxi when you have your own car at home. 
It saves fuel, tires, ensures longer lasting beauty and reduces mileage.”

What are your thoughts?

Written by April

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