Beef Gets Heated As Amerado And Obibini MATCH Boot For Boot In A Rap Diss Game

Ghanaian rappers, Obibini and Amerado goes boot for boot in a diss rap battle. These two rappers are noted for their deep punch lines mostly in their songs.

 The genesis of the diss battle begun when the media spoke highly on a line Amerado released in a freestyle performance on Timwestwood which they think was a shot to Obibini. This got Obibini to release “Deceased” which threw shots at Amerado.

Amerado on the other hand released “The Throne” which almost sent Obibini to a relegation in the rap game. Moments after the two songs went viral, Obibini dropped “Carcass” which threw more shots at Amerado.  Is Amerado going to reply to Obibini on this one?

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