Curse Be Unto A Man Who Marries A Woman Older Than Him- Counselor Lutterodt Submits

Infamous Counselor Lutterodt has disclosed to the shock of no one that, age matters in relationships, especially marriages.

According to Lutterodt, it is very okay if and when a man is older than a woman in a relationship but when the table is turned and the woman happens to be older than the man, it is a recipe for curses on the head of the man.

He claims that, a man deliberately getting married to a woman who is older than him would continually suffer in curses.

Basically, age has always been said to be a number and to many, it plays no role in anything. At the end of the day, it is believed that, how old someone is does not determine how matured or achieved they are hence its irrelevance in relationships.

Lutterodt begs to differ which leaves us to ask our readers what they make of this submission.

Does age matters to you in a relationship?

Written by April

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