Don’t Take It Personal- I Refuse To Pick Even My Mom’s Calls- Sarkodie To Celebs Complaining He Has Been Ghosting Them.

King Sarkodie has made a revelation that people should not bag feelings when he does not pick their calls because it is nothing personal.

According to him, he does not even pick his mothers a call sometimes which has nothing to do with anything.

Sark says he picks calls when he has an appointment with the caller and beyond that, there is no reason to pick.

“The issue of picking calls is a general thing. Even my mom has the same problem with it so I don’t see why it should be taken personally. If you speak to my mother today, she’ll tell you her major problem with me is my refusal to pick her calls.”

Sarkodie says he knows people complain a lot when he does that and he is doing his best to change.

“I don’t pick calls all the time unless I have an appointment with that person then I’ll have to keep up. I can agree that he’s been calling me and not getting through but it’s not deliberate. I really don’t want to speak about it because I cannot remember. I still can’t remember what happened so I’ll just have to agree with whatever he is saying whether true or not,” he added

Lots of people have complained that they have called Sark several times and he has refused to pick up. Kwaw Kese complained, Sheriffa Gunu did same in the past and now Edem.

Written by April

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