Oneplay Africa to Host Dj Vyrusky, DJ Mic Smith and Antoine Mensah on It Weekly Twitter Space Conversation

Hammer of the Last two proposed for a national agenda for the entertainment in dutry, proposing among many points that there should be a 90% Ghanaian music play on the Ghanaian airwaves.

On this weeks Oneplay Space Hosted b y Tilly Akua Nipaa on Twitter, Oneplay will host celebrated Ghanaian DJs, Vyrusky and Mic Smith and Presenter Antoine on the feasibility of this proposal under the working topic:

Has 90% Ghanaian Music on radio failed or it’s just starting?

At exactly 7pm on twitter on @oneplayafrica or @tillyakuanipaa join the insightful conversations with these brilliant voices on how to collectively push the Ghanaian music on the Ghanaian airwaves.
Just incase you missed previous conversations check them out on Audiomack on Oneplayafricaradio.

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