Never Try To Claim The Songs And Videos I Produced For You; Ogidi Brown Warns Fameye

On the 19th of July 2021, Fameye’s management came out with a statement announcing the termination of a contract between Fameye and OGB Music’s Ogidi Brown. Both parties decided to part ways on mutual terms after an agreement was made. 

Barely a week after this announcement, Ogidi Brown has taken to social media to warn Fameye about a copyright infringement.“Never try to claim the songs and videos I produced for you else you will see another side of me. I swear my brother go in peace. Never sing the song I produced for you on any platform. This is the last message for you. Ungrateful, next will be action” he said.

 His action was a result of a youtube alert that showed Fameye claiming ownership of the song “Destiny”. 

Story by Samuel Addo Kofi

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