Tilly Akua Nipaa Now the New Host of SuperStar Night at Kri8t lounge

This and every Friday, Oneplay Africa Host, Tilly Akua Nipaa, will host the Superstar night at Kri8t lounge as part of the series of activities that goes on at the lounge.

The Superstar night is an initiative by the Kri8t media concept to create a platform and avenue for young budding musicians to unearth their talents or to rehearse their performance ability as part of the artist development face in their craft. Young artists will have the chance to exhibit their talents to some already established artist, industry persons, and their fans as well as potential investors.

Oneplay Africa is excited to partner with Kri8t lounge on this project since they become a part of introducing the new generation of artists to the world right at the formation stages. 

Tilly Akua Nipaa said: This is a big deal fcor me, becausde whereas the artists will use this platfom to better their performance, i will also be using that to rehearse and grow my MCing skills, who knows how far this wsill take me, they sayh practice makes perfect right. Im excited to be a part of this, it’s a big deal for me.

Join, the Superstars, Tilly and all your favorite artists, at the kri8t lounge every Friday, at exactly 8pm for a good wine down. Young talents are also to register for performance if interested, can hit up OneplayAfrica social media.

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