Obviously Tonto Dikeh Has A Thing For Cross Dressers And That Is Very Okay

Tonto Dikeh has made it obvious she has a thing for cross dressers and that is very okay.

The actress went all out on social media to string a chat with James Brown; one of Nigeria’s rising cross dressers and Bobrisky’s nemesis.

James shared a video of himself with claims that he is not feeling well and needs the prayers of his fans.

Tonto seeing the video could not just pass without expressing how she feels about him. 

Tonto asked that James sends her his number in the DM as she is a huge fan of him.

James replied, thanking Tonto and confirming that he has sent the number through.

(https://www.instagram.com/p/CRisfA_Dbvr/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link )

There was a time that no one would put Tonto Dikehand James in the same sentence as he is Bobrisky’sarchrival but Tonto is no longer friends with Bob so she is allowed to befriend whoever.

Folks are alluding that she is doing that to spite Bobrisky or just maybe, she has a thing for cross dressers which is very okay.

Written by April Pfeiffer

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