A total Breakdown of the Creative Arts Policy with Franki5, Mark Darlington and Mel Kwesi Davis on Oneplay Space

Oneplay space held every wednesday on Twitter Space has in the past weeks held insightful, thought provoking conversations with industry stakeholders who have the Ghanaian entertainment industry at heart. 

As part of the agenda to improve the current state of the Ghanaian entertainment industry, Oneplay Space hosted by Tilly Akua Nipaa will host a Rep from the Creative arfts Agency, Frank Kwabena Owusu, Chairperson of Alliance for Change, Mark Darlington and Mel Kwesi Davis a representative of FOCAP in order to properly dissect and help understand the Creative art Act. 

At exactly 7pm on Twitter @oneplayafrica to join the educative conversation with all the important voices in the industry to know what the Acts says and why there hasn’t been an implementation till now.

To warm up for the conversation this wednesday listen to previous episodes of the ONEPLAY SPACE on Audiomack at ONEPLAYAFRICARADIO.


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