Civil Service Organizations Denounces The Pictures Of Sarkodie Smoking Cigars

A section of the civil service organization has denounced the pictures of Sarkodie smoking cigars. In a statement which was issued out, they said “We are very disappointed in Sarkodie for circulating pictures of himself smoking a cigar on social mediawithout considering the negative influence this singular act stands to have on the public, especially the youth, most of who consider him as their role model.

The statement which was issued on behalf of The Vision For Alternative Development(VALD), The Ghana Non- Communicable Diseases Alliance, Media Alliance In Tobacco Control And Health(MATCOH), Jaishi Initiative, and The Community Health Support Team(CHEST) urged Sarkodie to apologize to the general public and also encouraged him to use his platform to educate and instill good morals.

Story by Samuel Addo-Kofi

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