Pena Captured In All Her Glory- Afia Schwar Is Indeed Raising A Princess!

Afia Schwar is definitely not in the good books of lots of people. She is not like because she does not steer clear of the truth, say it as it is with a spice of theatrics and unprintable words but she has proved to be a good mother.

From what we have seen from her camp, she makes sure she does what is best for her children and that has reflected in how she recently celebrated the 7th birthday of her adopted daughter, Pena.

She flew to Dubai for the celebrations. In photos and videos we have seen, the mother and daughter were packed on a massive display of affection, bonding, and have the best times of their lives. )

Afia has shared a lovely photo of Pena this morning in an all-white ensemble- she calls the look on Pena’s face the ‘yacht look’ and it is the cutest thing on the internet today. )

The innocence on her face is simply a to-die-for. Afia is raising a Princess Indeed.!


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