“To me, Afrobeats is not a genre but a categorization”.- Bulldog

The latest episode of Hot Palaver hosted by DJ Mac took a deep dive into the life of renowned Ghanaian artist Manager, Bulldog. According to Bulldog, per his vast experience and understanding in the music industry, he sees Afrobeats as more of a Categorization than a music Genre as most people think.

Explaining his opinion Bulldog said “I keep saying Afrobeats is not a genre but a categorization, like this is an African beat, like sounds from Accra, no musician in Africa can enter the Grammys because there is no category in the Grammys for Afrobeats, its world music…

Emphasizing the “But for me, Afrobeats can never be a genre because it is a collection of different genres from Africa.”

This opinion by Bulldog was in support of his artist, Shatta Wale, who a few weeks ago suggested in his State of the industry address that Ghana music needed an identity. While most people came at Shatta Wale for not recognizing HiLife as the identified Genre of Ghana, Bulldog believes it was only a clarion call by his artist.

The next episode of the Hot Palaver show will also bring another exciting convo that will touch on pressing issues in the entertainment industry. Watch full interview with Bulldog here:


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