Review of Kojo Cue’s Request to Obrafour by Tilly Akua Nipaa

Review of Kojo Cue’s Request to Obrafour by Tilly Akua Nipaa

Brilliant Ghanaian rapper, Kojo Cue has sent out an important request to be universe and is expecting a response before he leaves earth. 

On his official twitter handle, Kojo Cue tweeted “I deserve an @iamobrafour hook before I leave this earth, universe make it happen”. While many may see this as nothing, it is a big deal which needs more attention as any other conversation in the industry. 

First of all the post projects Obrafour as a music god as most people see him in the music industry. Obrafour has been that legendary music figure whose works and contribution to the Ghanaian music ecosphere can not be over looked or written off. This shows the respect and reverence artist like Kojo Cue have for the iconic figure.

Also, the part Kojo cue’s tweet that says “before I leave earth” is equally as important because in Ghana, listeners are quick to retire artists, here you will hear things like “former musician” . Leave the earth simple means that until he, Kojo Cue, leave the earth, he will remain a musician whether or not he is involved in the music business actively. Also for sometime now, the legendary Obrafour seem to have put a pause of recording, which happens all over the world, however in Ghana once an artist does not have a current hit song or is not a recording artist, his career is considered Dead! But Kojo Cue placing a call to Obrafour means that as long as they are both alive their music career is alive and collaborations can happen any time.

Finally, the “I deserve a hook…” which some may consider as some form of an entitlement or ultimatum to Obrafour, to me, may just be the right call. Kojo Cue, like any other contemporary rapper who has done a song with Obrafour is equally as talented, as hard working and has the huts and momentum to “deserve” an Obrafour hook. If you don’t agree, check his catalogue. Ghanaians mistake hit musicians for good musicians and that is not entirely right.

Hopefully the universe answers his call so Ghanaians will have the privilege to enjoy a Kojo Cue-Obrafour collaboration.

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