Singer Kwabena Kwabena speaks: “My mom has no problem with me painting my nails”

Hi-life singer Kwabena Kwabena has disclosed that his mother has no issues with him painting his Finger nails. 

The singer who just released a new single title Kwadede is currently the talk of town for painting his finger nails. 

While some fans find it weird that a male will paint his nails, Kwabena Kwabena on the Female show with Tilly Akua Nipaa revealed that his mother is on support of his decisions. 

He said: “I wanted to take care of my nails properly so I decided to paint them”. My mother and I had a conversation and she had no problems with me painting my nails- Kwabena Kwabena added. 

Even though Kwabena Kwabena has come under public scrutiny with his nails, majority of his fans are loving the new music and it reflects on his visuals. 

Watch Kwabena Kwabena Kwadede visuals below

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