Kidi Speaks About Kuami Eugene’s Questionable Fashion

Aside from the similarities in the genre of music they do, it seems the two signees of Lynx entertainment, Kidi and Kuami Eugene, have nothing in common.

While Kidi is seen as the fashion and styling connoisseur, Kuami Eugene on the other hand has been constantly criticized about his fashion sense.

Speaking about his sense of fashion with Tilly Akua Nipaa on Oneplay Africa, Kidi said it was something he picked up subconsciously growing up in a highly fashionable family. Looking good is a must for him.

Touching on Kuami Eugene’s fashion, Kidi stated that as long as his brother is Coll and comfortable with what he wears no one has the audacity to question him although he agrees that some of his outfits have been questionable.

Emphasized that “ I believe that ones someone is wearing something they are comfortable in and are happy about it, that’s all that matters…”

However, he added that “So far as he feels good in it, forget everybody else, but he has also wore things that are a bit questionable…”

Watch full interview below:

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