“We will be excited to see Sarkodie Win a Grammy, I side with Sherifa Gunu”.- Akiyana

Sherifa Gunu on United Showbiz tipped Sarkodie for the Grammy, according to her, if Sarkodie can inculcate some tradition indigenous instruments into his songs, he could be Ghana’s best bet for the Grammy.

Akiyana in an interview on the female Show with Tilly Akua Nipaa added that she agrees with Sherifa Gunu that “Sarkodie is one of the biggest we have in Ghana and we will be very excited if he wins the Grammy”. 

Touching on the instrumentatio, she seconded Sherifa Gunu once again stressing that 

‘ I think its very true too because, you see the sound engineers, right now, there is a lot of technological stuff you can implement and put in a song, you don’t even need the piano or the guitar…Forgeting that, if you record, lets say you have a guitar and then you play into the song, it gives it a unique feel, it picks you right on the spot”.

Adding that the engineers don’t do that anymore and complain about time when the artist request for such additions. Hopefully, they are able to add the instruments for the Ghanaian music to reach the Grammy requirement standard.

Click on the link to watch full show:

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