Akiyana Blames Ghanaian DJs for No Ghana Music Making the Grammys

Akiyana music, has joined the many Ghanaian musicians who blast Ghanaian DJs for not playing Ghanaian music as much as they do the foreign song or Nigerian songs. 

In a conversation with Tilly Akua Nipaa on oneplay Africa’s Female Show, Akiyana mentioned that, Ghanaian DJs as a=well as the common music consumers do not play or patronize Ghanaian music am=s much as they do to songs from other places. 

Stressing that “ if you listen to radio, or go to night clubs, shows, weddings, imagine, if you analyze you hear like 95 percent of foreign music and 5 percent of Ghana Music. And imagine during Christmas, people troop in to come visit the land they go to places, they go to bar and less Ghanaian music is being played and more foreign music is played what do you think they are going to take back into their countries? So how are we going to be even nominated for the Grammys?

To her once the DJs start playing more Ghanaian music, we could make headway. She also encouraged the DJs to force some of the music on the audience who will eventually have to love the Ghanaian music because that’s what they will mostly hear.

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