Sherifa Gunu Tips Sarkodie For The Grammy And Some Ghanaians Freak Out Here is Why

Sheriff Gunu, like wiyaala has been one of the celebrated north singers who have sold Ghanaian music world wide. In a TV interview with Sherifa Gunu, the musician tipped Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie for the Grammy.

Though this seem like something worth celebrating and paying attention to by Ghanaians, it seems some are rather unhappy with her predictions. According to Sherifa, Sarkodie has all it takes to win a Grammy, but only has to add the indigenous instruments to his beats to make them stand out and unique.

Although some Ghanaians have agreed with her some also opine that, since she does that already, why is she not winning the Grammy, because to them, she uses the same instruments she is recommending for Sarkodie.

Others also say that Manifest have over the years inculcated such strings in his music Some Way, to No where Cool, and to Cucuracha but still haven’t got the attention or Grammy, so why should Sarkodie do it?

Another group do not buy into the idea fully because to them that will means Sarkodie has to change his sound and do something totally different which they may not love.

The last group who are fans of other top artists believe that she is just trying to win a favor with Sarkodie and there is no way Sarkodie can win over the favorites.

Click on link to enjoy pundit talk about the Sherifa Gunu and Sarkodie conversation:

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