Winning Grammy Award is not just about the plaque – Ricky Tenneson

Broadcast Journalist, Ricky Tenneson, has stated that winning Grammy Award is not just about the plaque. 

Ricky was asked by host Halifax on #BestEntertainment which airs on Okay FM 101.7  his take on the just ended 63rd Grammys. According to him, winning the Grammys comes with a lot of opportunities and values for Burna Boy. 

For him, it will have a major impact on his career for someone like him who is still active in the space. Comparing Burna Boy to Angelique Kidjo, Ricky was of the view that she is not as hot as she use to be before. Fortunately for Burna, he is still in his prime and it’s a big deal for him. 

Please watch the video below:

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